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Applying for title loans Hamilton area residents trust is easy. Start by completing the easy application online. Once it is submitted, we will ask for following documents: government issued photo ID, proof of residence, proof of income and a clear car title. Proof of residence should be in the form of an electric bill, mortgage or lease. Basically, the items you will need to provide:

  • Clean and clear car title
  • Government-issued photo identification – driver’s license, state ID
  • Proof of residence – lease, phone bill, electric bill, mortgage statement
  • Proof of income – pay stub, tax forms, W2


Mclendon Title Loans understands that financial difficulties can happen to anyone. For decades, we have been lending title loans Hamilton residents need to help them avoid overdraft fees, late fees or other problems that could occur. Our staff is friendly, helpful and ready to help you get the cash you need to get back on your feet. We are conveniently located in Hamilton with hours flexible enough to fit into almost any schedule. The benefits of using Mclendon include:

Superior customer service.

Financial assistance.

Quick, easy and secure application process.

Payments that fit in your budget.

Competitive rates.

Terms that fit your needs

A decision within the hour.


Title loans Hamilton residents have used to get out of a financial bind are fairly simple to understand. When your vehicle is paid in full, you have a clean and clear car title. This means that you own your car with no liens or encumbrances that forbid you from selling it or using it as collateral. This means that your car is what is considered a free and clear asset that can be used as security for a short-term loan, which is what Mclendon Car Title Loans are – money you borrow for a short term. The loans are often paid in full in 30 to 60 days and we lend up to 25 percent of the car’s value, while some luxury vehicles may be eligible for as much as 50 percent of their value. At the end of the loan period, you do not have to pay the balance in full. We can roll the loan over to the next month with you paying only the interest owed. You may also choose to pay a portion of the principle which will help you pay the loan faster. You continue to drive your car while Mclendon Car Title Loans holds the title until your loan is paid in full, just like any other vehicle finance company requires. There are many benefits to title loans over other types of financing. These include:

  • No minimum income requirements
  • No credit check
  • Instant approval
  • No need for a co-signer

Why wait? Apply today!

If you are in need of cash quickly, no matter what your reason is, Mclendon Car Title Loans can help. You don’t have to tell us what the cash is for and there are no intrusive credit checks. Simply bring us your title and other documentation to receive the cash you need quickly. You can complete the easy form online or give us a call today to speak to one of our knowledgeable, helpful customer service representatives.